Types of Electric Car

Types of Electric Car
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The trend towards electric cars has increased rapidly worldwide. People have now started talking about electric car. Have started thinking of buying too. Have you ever thought that when the electric car does not run on petrol-diesel or other fuel, but on battery?

There are three types of electric car:

Battery Electric Car

Which means that this car runs completely on electricity and this power is available only when it is charged by plugging it. According to edfenergy.

Plug-in Hybrid Car

Which means that mainly this car runs on electricity only but along with it there is also a conventional fuel engine i.e. petrol or diesel engine. That is, when the charge is over, you can run on petrol or diesel engine and the car will have to be charged.

Hybrid Electric car

This means that this car will mainly run on petrol or diesel engine but along with it there is also an electric battery which gets charged through regenerative braking. This car's battery may be charged without being connected in.


Internal-combustion automobiles are unquestionably less eco-friendly than electric autos. Batteries are being designed with a long life in mind. Battery recycling will become economically feasible as hybrid vehicles become more common. Future prospects for electric car appear more promising thanks to research into alternative energy sources including fuel cells and renewable fuels.


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