Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Delhi

Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Delhi
  • EV Charging Station in Delhi


EV Charging Station in Delhi


Electric vehicles are gradually gaining immense popularity in the travel industry. They serve as an excellent alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Not only do they provide an eco-friendly solution to rising pollution levels, but they are also economical and affordable for regular passengers. Electric vehicles are available in different models at the most affordable prices. 

Another reason for the increasing popularity of EV-powered vehicles is their mechanical composition. It calls for fewer maintenance trips to the mechanics and reduced fuel stops requirements. Ideally, you can get your EV a customary check in less than an hour, and fast charging juices up the battery within minutes. Various public electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in Delhi to support the charging infrastructure for EV vehicles.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Delhi

Currently, 172 public charging stations have been installed in Delhi-NCR by EESL. A total of 89 chargers have been commissioned so far. There are 71 EV charging stations in Delhi over a 1,484 km area covering prime parts of South and Central Delhi. However, most charging stations have a single charging unit. 

Some charging stations in the most crowded areas are installed as a charging plaza with a capacity to charge 14 EVs simultaneously. You can quickly locate these charging stations by using the ElectreeFi app by EESL. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can open the app on your mobile to get a list of locations with active chargers. 

Further, you can pre-book a slot for a 20-minutes charge by following the steps mentioned on the app. Once your time is up, the app notifies you with a soft beep. The entire charging process is hassle-free and easy to follow. However, to further support and promote the adoption of electric vehicles, the Delhi government has provisioned private charging equipment for EV owners.


Subsidy on EV Charging Station

If you are an EV owner, you can apply to set up a private electric vehicle charging station in Delhi. You can directly apply online from home without the need to physically visit any government department. Once your application is processed, the EV charging station will be installed within seven days. You can avail of the facility with the benefit of a subsidy.

According to published reports, the cheapest EV charging station in Delhi may cost around ?2,500, which is way cheaper than the original price. You get an almost 70 percent discount with a subsidy of ?6,000. In addition to subsidies, a single-window system has been launched for private electric vehicle charging stations. However, the subsidy on installation charges is applicable for only the first 30,000 applicants. Further, the private EV charging stations will get power supply at cheaper rates. 

How can I get EV Charging Station in Delhi?

If you are an electric vehicle owner, you can easily apply for a private EV charging station in Delhi by the following steps:


  1. Visit the power supply company website.
  2. Enter the CA number or consumer account number for your electricity connection.
  3. Select one of the 12 power companies selected to provide the electric vehicle charging facility.
  4. Submit your application. 

Once submitted and processed, you will get a call from the company representative within seven days. Next, the company will send a team to examine and set up your charging station. Once the subsidy amount is deducted, you will have to pay the remaining amount for the EV charging facility. You will also get a 3-years guarantee on your charging station from the Delhi government. 

In case, you are installing the charging station for self-usage, you can use the electricity from your residential connection. However, for installing an EV charging station for commercial use by other electric vehicle users, you will have to install a commercial electricity meter at a uniform cost of ?4.50 per unit.

You can set up an electric charging station with low-voltage, medium voltage, and high-voltage chargers for an entire range of vehicles from electric two-wheelers and electric three-wheelers to passenger cars. All chargers provided by the government comply with the global standards, including AC001, CCS, Type-2, CHAdeMO, and GB/T. 

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