Electric Car Maintenance

Electric Car Maintenance


Do you know how the electric car is serviced, if you do not know, then you will know today, the question comes in the mind of most of the people that there is no engine in the electric car, then what is the need of service?

You are wrong to think that the way petrol and diesel cars are serviced on time, similarly the service of electronic cars is done on time, but there is a lot of difference in the service of both.

Some time ago, very few companies used to make electronic cars, but gradually most of the companies are making electronic cars and are dominating the market, most of the people have liked electronic cars.

Companies like Tata, Hyundai, are making electronic cars, if we talk about its service, then we have to take a lot of care, everyone used to do the service of diesel and petrol cars easily, but this is not the case in electronic cars.

A lot of care has to be taken during the service of the electronic car, so today we will tell you about how the electric car is serviced.

You will get to see below about how the electric car is serviced, which is as follows

Experienced Mechanic

Electric car service is not done by every mechanic, so the mechanic is selected for the service of the electric car, who has good knowledge about the electric car and has already serviced the electric car, only then he can service the electric car. That's why it is necessary to have an experience mechanic for the service of an electric car.

Rubber tools

The second thing that has to be kept in mind while servicing an electric car is the tools, you can use any type of tools for the service of petrol and diesel cars, but such tools are used for the service of electric cars. In which the current does not pass, rubber is applied on the tools.

Shoes clothing and gloves

It has been seen that during the service of diesel and petrol cars, you used to wear any kind of clothes which did not matter, but at the time of service of electric cars, the mechanic has to use special shoes, clothes, and gloves. no harm in case of trouble

Security system

While servicing the electric car, the entire security system is taken care of, where the car is parked, a large piece of rubber is laid under the car, which is specially made for the electric car, after that where the electric car is placed. Security system is kept around the place where the service is done so that it is known that the electric car is being serviced.

Battery check

How to service an electric car, the first one is battery check While servicing an electric car, first of all the battery is checked. There are two batteries in an electric car, the first one is the smaller battery, the second one is the smaller battery, the bigger battery. turns on both these batteries are checked properly there is no problem in the battery

Coolant check

Coolant is also used in an electric car and when an electric car is serviced, the second thing that is done is to check the coolant. Coolant works to cool the battery, so at the time of service, all pipes of coolant It is checked well that there is no leak from anywhere, if there is a leak then it is replaced.

Brake check

The system of brake and suspension is the same in an electric car, so at the time of service of an electric car, the brake system is checked properly, brake oil, brake tree, abs system, all things are checked if the brake tree is finished. so are replaced

Alignment check

Alignment is the main part of the service, because if the alignment of a car is out, then the tires of the car wear out very quickly. is checkedAc check

At the time of service of the electric car, all the pipes of ac are checked, there is no leakage in any or ac is not cooling, if there is a problem somewhere then it is checked and the problem is eliminated.


Hope you have come to know how the electric car is serviced, we have tried to tell you a little bit, if you have an electric car, then get it serviced in the company and get it checked immediately if there is any kind of problem.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which company is making electric car in India?

A1. Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland are making electric cars.

Q2. Which is more powerful car between electric car and diesel car?

A2. A diesel car is more powerful than an electric car because fuel burns in it and gives power and in an electric car the motor starts running from the battery.

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